It was Saturday evening, September 10, 1994, a date that would be etched into my memory bank forever. This was a special evening because of my heavy anticipated meeting with the Lets Play House man himself, Tony Drake. This meeting was to take place at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York City at Felix Hernandez Rhythm Revue Dance. I would witness an unexpected shocking performance take place, with a capacity sold out crowd of 3,200!!  At approximately 1:00am, Tony took to the stage to lip synch his 1969 Musicor recording of Lets Play House just as the song began to play, not even a fraction of the song started, when all of a sudden, people began to rush to the stage, reaching out their hands, to try and grab any piece they could, towards this very handsome singer!!!!!

Tony Drake 1983

          I'll tell you something, watching this incredible performance, made me feel like I was in the presence of Jackie Wilson or Teddy Pendergrass !!! I mean, women screamed!!! Men were entranced!!! The whole entire audience was locked in for 2.57 seconds!!! There has never been an event like it since. !!!  Lets now turn to the pages of music history and see how the man, Tony Drake, came be known as one of the most popular cult heroes in music history.

       Story by Mike Boone  (Chancellor of Soul)



Tony Drake Let's Play House



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∙Hey World

∙Live It Up

∙One Call Away


∙Loving You

∙Mama Come Home

∙Think About It

∙Is There No Solution

∙It Won't Be Because I Want To Go

∙Living in the Footsteps of Another Man


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Narrated by the late Adolph Caesar





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